Week 1-2 GSoC-Krita

Hey everyone !

After the coding period officialy began. I started the basic implementation for Pin Reference Image & Integrate Crop in Krita.

I started addting the options in the UI file for both of these features . And then integrated the options with current reference image and layer .So the UI options will switch the visibility and the crop decorations with the active selections and vice versa too . These were implemented in Krita for some tools so i could take inspiration from them . After these Dmitry suggested to use the shape clipping functionality for cropping reference so the rendering part is already taken care of. That’s a huge help .

Then i proceeded with the second implementation for pinning the reference which involves changing QPainter transformation while painting the reference image . I had a discussion with my mentors to help me understand the neccassry classes and how they work together. Thanks a lot to wolthera & tiar .

KisCoordinateConverter & KoViewConverter handles the coordinate system in Krita and it is used by all the Tools and paint decorations. So for pinning reference images the transformation should be changed accordingly so the image is not modified with the existing options like Zoom , Pan , Rotate and Mirror tools . Now the Reference Image are not modified with Rotate , Pan and Mirror Tool so zoom and handling the events is left now.

Here is the related WIP-MR 901

What’s next ?

Integrating this new transformation with existing features and the crop as well .

Implement the reference image cropping functionality and integrating it with the UI .

Cheers & See y’all next week !

Written on June 23, 2021