GSoC with Krita


A “I am super excited to share” post :)”


Hey everyone .I am Sachin Jindal and I am delighted to share I will participating in GSoC 2021 with KDE and more specifically Krita . Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program . It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

I am thankful to the KDE community for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this program. I will be working under the guidance of Wolthera , Agata Cacko and Halla Rempt this summer working on the Project - Reference Image Improvement.

I am grateful for starting the opensource journey with Krita . And the journey has been truly awesome with a pinch of silly questions by me xD. Initially it was all a bit over-whelming but i recieved excellent help from Halla & Dmitry always. The proposal was shaped by heavy corrections from my mentors Wolthera and Agata Cacko.

The Krita community has always been very helpful and friendly.I had the guidance and support from many remarkable people throughout the contributions . I am thankful to all of them for their guidance which has made a lot of things easier for me.

Personally, I now feel much more confident to work on big codebases .I have also learnt how a good software is developed with an open perspective towards everything . All in one contributing to Krita has been truly fun and full of learning for me.

About the Project

Reference Images in Krita can be loaded and used inside krita with lot of features .I plan to work on Improving the Reference Images Tool with some new features like

1)Pin Reference Images - When the canvas/document is zoomed ,rotated or transformed the reference images are transformed as well. To counter this the images will be painted with QPainter irrespective of the canvas transformation .This will prevent the canvas modifications to them.

2)Crop functionality- This will allow to crop the reference images with sliders and anchors to show the selection of the image only.

3)Update the image from hard drive - Currently we cannot draw on the reference images so the image has to be reloaded after updating in a different tab . This implementation will update the image from the correct path in hard drive and render it correctly.

Community Bonding Period

The period is about to end .I have completed most of pre-requisites like making a phabricator task and discussing implementation with the mentors . I planned to get familarize with the relevant files and start implementation a bit early to include some cool stretchgoals at the end as well.

I will be updating my progress with the project throughout the summer in upcoming blogs and on the KDE work report page.

Link to GSoC:

Phabricator Link:

Looking forward to an amazing coding summer .


Written on June 6, 2021